Google Sued for YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Package

Google Sued for YouTube TV's NFL Sunday Ticket Package

Google is being sued for YouTube TV’s offering of the NFL Sunday Ticket Package.

The NFL’s relationship with broadcasting rights and how fans access games has been the epicenter of a massive legal dispute.

The lawsuit over the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which offers every out-of-market NFL game, has now taken a surprising twist, drawing Google into the drama.

Here’s a deep dive into what’s happening and what it means for fans, businesses, and the industry.

NFL Sunday Ticket Lawsuit

For several years, the NFL and DirecTV have been embroiled in a contentious legal battle regarding the distribution of out-of-market games via the NFL Sunday Ticket.

The bone of contention is that this arrangement prevents individual NFL teams from establishing broadcast deals.

Essentially, if a fan, or even a sports bar, wishes to view a single out-of-state game, they have no choice but to purchase the entire Sunday Ticket bundle.

The NFL’s defense has been swift and robust. They’ve attempted to sideline these accusations by seeking a summary judgment and urging the case dismissed.

However, the court has been equally assertive. In February, a judge gave the lawsuit class-action status. This development saw the separation of the case into two distinct class action groups: one for individuals and another for businesses.

Google’s Role and the Stakes Involved

Things turned intriguing when tech giant Google was added to the lawsuit mix.

The focal point of this inclusion pertains to the specifics of Google’s arrangement with the NFL that ushered the Sunday Ticket package onto its platforms: YouTube TV and YouTube.

The plaintiffs have pressed for a complete disclosure of these contracts, alleging that Google has only been willing to provide summarized versions.

The potential implications of this lawsuit are staggering. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Size and Scope: 2.4 million individuals and 48,000 businesses have joined the class action lawsuit. If they clinch a victory, it could mean hefty refunds for past NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers.
  • Financial Impact: The figures being bandied about are astronomical. If the NFL and DirecTV are found to be in the wrong, they might be staring at a bill to the tune of $6 billion.
  • Google’s Contract: A critical component is whether a judge will mandate Google to disclose its full contract regarding NFL Sunday Ticket. This case has been lodged, but an official ruling is still pending. Thus, it could be some time before we get clarity on this issue.


The NFL Sunday Ticket lawsuit sheds light on a broader debate about content distribution and the rights of consumers and businesses in the digital age.

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This case also signifies the challenges traditional sports organizations face as they navigate partnerships in the rapidly evolving digital sphere.

While the lawsuit’s outcome remains uncertain, one thing is clear: it will have a profound impact on how fans access their favorite games and how businesses, including giants like Google, engage with sporting entities.

It’s a gripping legal tussle, and the world will watch keenly as it unfolds.

For more information on this story, refer to the original report from Reuters.

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