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IPTV Wire Moves to Surfshark as the Best VPN for Live TV

iptv wire surfshark

IPTV Wire has officially moved to Surfshark as our top recommended VPN provider for everything live TV and streaming in general.

We have received several comments/messages from our visitors asking why our website is now promoting Surfshark instead of IPVanish VPN.

iptv wire surfshark vpn

While IPVanish is still a quality VPN service for streaming and basic Internet use, we found Surfshark to be a better VPN overall and we want to be 100% transparent with our visitors.

Whether it’s inexpensive IPTV services, streaming websites, APKs, free IPTV apps, and general Internet browsing, Surfshark VPN checks all of the boxes we were looking for.

Even on Surfshark’s official website, they have a dedicated page for IPTV and why this VPN is the best choice for streaming live TV.

Some of the best features Surfshark offers include the following:

  • Built-in Ad/Malware blocker
  • Blazing-Fast Speeds
  • Impressive Firestick and Android apps
  • Built-in Kill Switch that works on Firestick/Android
  • Unlimited Devices with One Account
  • Low Price with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Based in the Netherlands with no data retention laws
  • Works great for “unblocking” geo-restricted content
  • Compatible with every popular device such as Firestick, Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, phones, tablets, and more

And the best part is, IPTV Wire visitors receive a special discount on Surfshark that you can’t find anywhere else.

Get 82% Off Surfshark + 2 Months Free

This special discount equals $2.30/Month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This price is hard to beat when it comes to quality VPNs.

surfshark vpn iptv

See our complete VPN guide below that goes more in-depth on every important feature within Surfshark.

Best VPN for IPTV

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