Kodi 20.4 Nexus Release – Details and How to Install

Kodi 20.4 Release

This news report covers the official release of Kodi 20.4 Nexus.

Kodi 20.4 Nexus is now the most stable version of the Kodi software. This has replaced the previous 20.3 version.

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming apps used by millions of cord-cutters.

This is due to the hundreds of 3rd party Kodi add-ons and builds that users can install for free movies, TV shows, IPTV, sports, and more.

According to the official Kodi development team, the 20.4 release of the Kodi 20 Nexus software is now complete. The official press release from the Kodi website states the following on Kodi 20.4 Nexus:

“It looks like one last hurrah was premature for the “Nexus” line: we find ourselves back again already, this time with a new 20.4 release. An assortment of bug fixes, some backports, no real new features. Full changelog since 20.3 on Github, as usual. Thanks, as always, to everyone who has helped us track down and fix any issues.”

If you are currently using version 20.0 Nexus and it’s working well for you, then we don’t suggest updating! You can view our Kodi update tutorial for updating to the latest software version.

Kodi 20.4 Nexus Release Notes

Below you will find the release notes of the 20.4 version of Kodi 20 Nexus. These were directly pulled from the official Kodi website. The press release was posted on February 11, 2024.


  • A backport aimed at fixing the failure rate of binary addon builds has been merged by @garbear.


  • Update to the controller addons.

Platform Specific

  • Android
    • Several fixes have been backported from master to fix deployment issues on Google Play. Thanks to @joseluismarti for working with us on these.
    • A number of fixes backported to resolve input issues (remotes/controllers).
  • iOS/tvOS
    • A long-time-coming fix to reduce black screen playback when interlaced content is played on iOS/tvOS. Users should no longer have to specifically disable VTB Hardware playback for most interlaced content. Please keep in mind some methods of content playback (HTTP URLs provided in .strm files) will still be affected.
    • A memory leak with game controllers on iOS/tvOS has been fixed by @kambala-decapitator.
  • tvOS
    • @kambala-decapitator fixed what seems to be a long standing bug regarding framework plist metadata for shared library frameworks.
  • Windows
    • A fix for AESinkWASAPI to improve fallback when the exact output channel layout isn’t supported by drivers or hardware.

Android Deployment

We always do what’s known as a “staged” roll out for Android – so, if you don’t receive the update immediately, be patient, as it will come through over the next week. As the majority of fixes are related to Google Play deployment, we will deliberately be cautious with the schedule. If you do receive 20.4 and have any issues with the deployment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Update, 11 Feb 20:55 UTC

We’re aware of some (at this time) non-specific “input issues” on Android – buttons not working properly, for example – so we’ve halted the deployment for now until we understand more. We would also advise against anyone installing manually unless you know how to roll back. Please bear with us while we isolate and squash the offending bug.

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How to Install Kodi 20.4 Nexus

There are a few ways to install the most updated version of Kodi 20.4 Nexus on your preferred Kodi device.

The best method for installing Kodi 20.4 Nexus is through the download page on the official Kodi website.

How to Install Kodi 20.4 Nexus

Those using the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV devices will likely have better luck installing the ARMV7A (32BIT) APK file.


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Overall, feel free to try the brand-new release of Kodi on your preferred streaming device!

But keep in mind this is not the official stable release of Kodi, as most 3rd party add-ons will not work properly.

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