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New IPTV Forum

IPTV Forum Launch

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new IPTV Forum!

This will be the place to discuss anything pertaining to IPTV, streaming applications, services, hardware, and much more.

Unfortunately, freedom of speech in the United States is slowly deteriorating and the big tech social media platforms and forums don’t let you say a word about IPTV.  That’s the reason for this new community portal.

This Forum will be a great place to not only discuss IPTV and streaming but also seek help from other cord cutters.

Forum Rules & Regulations

Important! Prior to posting a topic, please first search for your question/issue.  Chances are, it has already been discussed.

You will be banned if:

  • You spam your IPTV service inside the various forums.  Services should use the forum specifically meant for this called “IPTV Shop“.
  • You mention copyrighted movies/TV shows.
  • You link to copyrighted content.
  • You are disrespectful to other forum visitors.

Please visit the new forum linked below and create your account so you can start posting!

IPTV WIRE Forum Now Live



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13 thoughts on “New IPTV Forum”

  1. It’s really good 2 b kept in the know what’s going on I would b lost without my service once u have it there’s no going back because of choice

  2. I don’t know if I can do this here because this is more of a question then a comment but would like to know if yous will be adding peacock? I looked for hours and could not find it. My daytime show will be taken off the air in September and can only watch on Peacock unless they change their minds by then. With all the negative comments I’m hoping they do.

  3. I use IPTVSmarters and it is good, but recently I tried a VPN program and when I try to see a sports program it is cut off – until I disable the VPN then I get the sports back. This is working in exactly the opposite way I expected. Any ideas.?

  4. I have IPTV installed, paid for and all, but it says it wants a certificate of a VPN. I have the recomended VPN and have asked and looked for some kind of certificate in a zip format and found none. Help!
    I cant get it to load any shows or movies at all. Have tried loading the EPG URL, BUT IT WON’T TAKE THAT. ops Help!!!!

  5. Sounds like a couple of guys are confused. That’s ok we all need to learn! Anyway, keep doing what you are doing you are helping a lot of people. Including me!

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