SixStar TV Review – Over 19,000 Channels for Under $6/Month

SixStar TV Review

This SixStar TV Review provides information on channels, pricing, registration, settings, and other live TV features.

SixStar TV is one of the best IPTV services that hosts over 19,000 channels, VOD, one connection, and more for under $6.00 per month.

SixStar TV Video Review

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For those unfamiliar with IPTV services, IPTV stands for “Internet protocol television.” In other words – live television through the Internet.

Below you will find information on this IPTV service, including channels, categories, pricing, settings, registration, how to install, and more.

six star iptv review

SixStar TV Highlights

  • Over 19,000 live channels
  • Plans start at under $6.00/month
  • One connection with the standard plan, but can get more
  • VOD options
  • VPN friendly
  • Not IP location locked
  • Major sports channels
  • PPV
  • Popular news networks
  • Favorites manager
  • 24/7 channels
  • Catchup
  • External player support
  • International channels
  • Accepts PayPal and Credit/Debit for payment
  • Customer support through their online contact form and email
  • M3U URL
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Available for use on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices
  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players

SixStar TV Official Website

Due to the uncertain legal status of unverified IPTV services, we will not link to their official website.

Official Website
SixStar TV Website


Is SixStar TV Safe?

Before we review the SixStar TV service, I first want to scan the official URL with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

six star iptv safe

VirusTotal did find one malicious file with viruses/malware within the website’s URL.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not verify whether IPTV services or app developers carry the proper licensing. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any device, app, addon, or service mentioned on our Website.

We should always protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified IPTV service.

The best way to do this is with a secure VPN to secure your identity and anonymity when using IPTV services like this.

We also referenced other review sites like Trustpilot and found 25 reviews for this IPTV provider.

sixstar tv trustpilot review
Trustpilot Profile

However, when we read the most recent reviews we were not as alarmed. So it appears this live TV provider has made the necessary changes.


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trustpilot reviews

Now, here are the channels and pricing information for this live TV service.

SixStar TV Channels

As mentioned previously, SixStar TV provides over 19,000 live channels starting at under $6.00/month with their standard plan.

These channels come in a variety of categories such as entertainment, sports, kids, international, music, and much more.

This IPTV service even has options for PPV, major sports channels, and other offerings not included in some services.

six star iptv channels

There is also a simple electronic program guide (EPG) for those that prefer this layout.

There is also a simple electronic program guide (EPG) for those that prefer this layout.


SixStar TV offers several different subscription plans for new users.

These plans vary in price based on the duration of a subscription and the number of connections.


Their popular subscription plans include the following:

  • $35.00 for six months ($5.83/month) and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and one connection
  • $48.00 for six months and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and two connections
  • $60.00 for six months and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and three connections

premium subscriptions

This service also has more premium options that include the following:

  • $72.00 for one year and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and one connection
  • $96.00 for one year and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and two connections
  • $120.00 for one year and over 19,000 channels, VOD, and three connections

Note: We always recommend paying month to month with any IPTV service! Don’t lock yourself into year-long plans, as services sometimes go offline.

How to Install SixStar TV

SixStar TV is available for installation on several popular streaming devices.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV Boxes, Chromecast, Android phones, tablets, and any device running the Android operating system.

NOTE: In order to install the application for this service, you must register for a subscription on their official website.

Official Website

Because this service provides an M3U URL you can use this service with IPTV Players such as IPTV Smarters, Perfect Player, Tivimate, and others.

IMPORTANT: Prior to using this IPTV service, we suggest connecting to a VPN to hide your online activity.

You can also install the stand-alone application if you don’t want to use an IPTV Player. To do so, you must first install the Downloader app on your device.

Use our Downloader guide below for more information on that.

How to Install Downloader App for Sideloading

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check your confirmation emails from this live TV service after registering for further installation instructions.

This will typically provide you with the updated steps for installation.

Other IPTV Features

One of the best features of this live TV service is the ability to add channels to Favorites. Some Live TV services don’t have this feature.

One of the best features within this service is the ability to add channels to Favorites.

Another great feature of this service is the ability to add external video players.

Another great feature of this service is the ability to add external video players.

Is SixStar TV Legal?

It’s impossible for IPTV Wire to determine whether these unverified IPTV services hold the proper licensing.

If and when an IPTV service is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our website to reflect that information.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through free IPTV apps and paid services.

Best Legal IPTV Alternative

IPTV Wire recommends using 100% legal and verified IPTV providers instead of SixStar TV.

Here are our recommendations for legal IPTV services.

#1 Ranked Legal IPTV Service – Vidgo

Best Legal IPTV Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Six Star IPTV?

Six Star IPTV is an IPTV service that provides live channels at an affordable price.

What Channels does Six Star IPTV have?

This IPTV service has over 19,000 channels in several categories including news, entertainment, sports, international, and more.

How much does Six Star IPTV cost?

This IPTV service costs under $6.00/month for the standard plan with one connection. There are also additional plans available.

What devices can this IPTV service be installed on?

This IPTV service is available for installation on any device that runs the Android operating system. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.

60 thoughts on “SixStar TV Review – Over 19,000 Channels for Under $6/Month”

  1. have been using six star for 7 months was good at start but various re programs left me emailing for new password as i was cut off now they did respond and after re entering new password several times was working but! lots of buffering on all content tried tivimate player, smarters pro, Neutro player all buffered!!!!

  2. Christopher Wilson

    This is by far the best and cheapest service I have ever used. I used to use Best Streams but $6 justified everything. Been with them for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. I rarely if ever get buffering and now they have two services so I can easily switch between them. The VOD is on point. I cancelled ALL of my streaming services and just use this on my tv and iPad. I hope this service never goes away because I saved tons

  3. Yesterday i Bought 2 subscriptions and was directed by mail to some phoony networking website for ordering and payment. Got mail confirmation but still havent got my usernames, passwords and urls. I will give them a chance till tomorrow

    1. Give them 24 hours to give you a response for your usernames, passwords and urls. I ordered and thats what it took. After getting it I found that this wasn’t to my liking and emailed them back to cancel and to refund me. They did refund me right away. I’m still using Bunny Streams and love it.

      1. Hi I ordered this service yesterday but I haven’t got my username and password how long did it take you to recieve your username and password?

      1. I have rec. my log in info. I have several question that I sent them via email and text. To date I have had on reply and has been over 48 hr. Most likely will not renew after the month is up.

  4. Update:

    Great. Today i got mail from SixStarTV with the usernames, passwords and urls.
    I was else beginning to look for some other provider.
    They are very busy so it can take upto 48hours before they send you account info.
    The good thing is you get two services (streams) with one connection + jetstream.
    One got around 6000 channels, other got 13000+
    Stream is solid rock stable on my H96 MAX V58 Android box and on my LG Smart tv.
    Before i prefered providers using the panda and premiumpower servers which are very stable but picture quality is much better with the ones SixstarTV is using.
    Worth every penny spend.
    Highly recommended.

  5. It’s been two days now and still nothing. I emailed them yesterday and got no response. I really hope it’s worth the wait.

    The one I currently use they usually respond within an hour.

  6. Well over two days since I paid my sub and still nothing. I’ve sent two emails and have received no response as yet.

    Thankfully I only paid for a month. Time to move on and find a service.

  7. I also ordered on the 17th to try the 1-month plan. No email came with username/password. Contacted them twice now but they haven’t got back.

  8. I think it’s fair to say the wisest thing to do here is go find a different service provider.

    I have requested a refund but don’t expect to get it back. Pity as on paper it was the best service available.

  9. I ordered on Oct, 17th 2022, and going on 4 days later, have yet to receive any log in info. I have sent them an email and a text with no response. I will give them till after the weekend and at that point, will initiate a chargeback with my credit card company…

    1. I’m right there with you Robert ordered mine early morning on the October 16th. Have sent them numerous emails and texts asking for an eta and finally asked them to cancel which they have not done or responded. Pretty frustrating considering a friend of mine ordered his on October 18th and received his login credentials yesterday but I can’t get a single response back from them let alone what I paid for.

  10. Subbed almost 24 hours ago, still no credentials. No answers to email/text either. Hopefully credentials arrive soon, looks like they are somewhat backed up judging from other comments.

  11. Live others here it’s going on 72 hours. No user and password has been emailed, and I’ve checked every folder in my email account. I’ve texted and emailed the contact info from their website and like MOST everyone else crickets. Really for $6? Come on do the right and send people their info needed or refund it

    So it took a week, but I was FINALLY given my account info! So many channels!
    Initial testing seems to be good picture and have yet to experience any buffering except for the initial channel loading up, which is only a second or two.

    1. Jim,

      I understand your frustration. It took them a week to send me my login information. They never responded to any of my emails or texts either. All I can tell you is to be patient even though I know it’s frustrating having to wait.

  13. I really wish I would have come to this page before securing my order because I’m also experiencing no responses after purchase (now more than 48 hrs). They have a service alert stating that it’s taking longer due to demand.

    For those who initially requested service, were you redirected to “Network Optimization Tool” for the actual transaction ?

  14. I signed up oct 25th and its oct27 830pm eastern time and have heard nothing. They claim on their website that it will take 24 hours or more be patient.
    But they processed the payment right away.
    Never had to wait for any iptv for two days.
    Sent them email and text and nothing.

  15. I tried SixStar, such a joke and poor customer service (I guess that doesn’t surprise me).
    I’m not going to apologize for understanding more about IPTV then some folks.
    I saw problems, sent an email explaining the failures.
    Their answer was to instantly refund no reply email(s).


    As stated, it did take a week for me to get my information, but did eventually get it.
    As for stream quality, its good. As for stream reliability? NOT GOOD!

    They claim an “anti-buffer technology” but I find myself searching for another channel more than I do watching a channel. I can forgive may 2 to 6 buffer issues per day, but this is crazy buffering/reconnecting! In most channels, its just about every 20 mins!

    Its NOTHING on my end as same hardware/internet runs 100% fine with YouTubeTV.

    This is 2 weeks into testing it out, but if reliability continues to be this buffering/disconnect nightmare, I’m moving on…

    *Also, they really need a month to month service other than for NEW USERS only.

  17. Veeery slow channel change for those that work. But most popular ones are not working most of the time.
    I don’t get it how most providers are OK with their crappy service and don’t do anything to clean up the mess.

    1. By any chance does this service use a server with “KY-IPTV” in its address?
      Recently, I was told by another service that the “KY-IPTV” server is used by most IPTV services, so tgere may well be a monopoly on these services in general.

      Nonetheless, it’s still a lot less expensive than cable, DSL, or satellite services, as long as you use a VPN for your own safety.
      Cheers mateys!

  18. I got the service on Oct. 29th.
    How does the billing work?
    Not received a invoice for payment and am out of service.

  19. I am thinking to try a month on my Amazon FireTV stick. do we need to pay and install any IPTV player to run Six Star streaming service? If yes, which one is needed?

    Thank you for your help

  20. Signed up for one month to try them out. Got my login and password info within 24 hours. Using it on the native MOL2 EPG on my Formuler GTV and it works. The only thing is the EPG won’t reveal the show name/schedule but that could just be a MOL2 problem. I will install IPTV Smarters to see if that makes a difference.
    Some buffering exists on certain channels, but streaming is quite good and stable for sports (which is what I mostly use IPTV for).
    In my opinion, it’s totally worth the $6/month.

  21. I registered yesterday, got my login information this morning and for now everything seems to work perfect. Very happy to have found them

  22. They don’t seem to do one month anymore, I wanted to check them out first to see what they are like.
    I checked them out on trustpilot first to see what they are like.
    I’m think I’m gonna swerve them if I’m honest because they haven’t responded to my email and there are mainly mixed reviews mainly bad.
    I think most iptv providers experience buffering of sorts.
    I checked them out by here and Troypoint which are my go to sources

  23. Worst IPTV service I’ve every tried. Quite a few channels drop or buffer, Their EPG doesn’t match with anythingnthats actually on, their customer service is non-existent (I’m still waiting for a response from 3 days ago)… and not their website doesn’t have my login information anymore. Feels like a scam to me

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